Radio waves uses channels below visible light. All across any space, there lies an invible ocean of electrically charged matter, static charge is called the electric field and the moving charges are called magnetic fields. Electrons can move anywhere in a given space, but when they are channelled through a wire, it creates a concentrated path of charge. When a stream of electrons are pushed into a metal circuit, the movement of these electrons causes a non stationary charge around it, the magnetic field. These are some of the electrons wandering outside the concentrated path into open space. These wandering electron charges can be picked up and detected by another solid metalic object nearby. Depending on the force of the electrons, the magnetic field grows in range that can be picked up by more distant metalic objects. The electric current can be transformed into codes, a simple way is by turning a switch on and off. This transmission technique is used in telegraphs translated using the morse code. A capacitor and an inductor can create another form of transmission which is smoother called a sine wave. Sine waves happens really quick measured in cycles per second. An FM station broadcasting at 100.00 FM is transmitting 100 million cycles of sine waves in a given second. These waves of magnetic fields are picked up by an antenna, down though a detector which groups the required frequency selected and then passed down to an amplifier.

Since the first commercial radio transmissions by the telegraph, this simple technology became a major commodity that helped propel our modern economic system into new heights. Before the advent of the television, radio is among the primary means of millions of people to pass time. This new habit cannot be left alone without being exploited by the free market to deliver their products closer to radio listeners. This new way of promoting products and services increased sales on a scale never before seen on a short span of time. News that took days to reach its intended audience now takes seconds to spread. A good majority of business transactions are coordinated and conducted using a cellphone, another sophisticated device that uses radio signals. Aside from revenues generated by broadcast companies through advertisements and the mobile communications industry, Governments are also a direct beneficiary of this technology. Licensing fees can generate billions of dollars per annum.

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