Air conditioner

The concept behind an airconditioner is basically evaporating liquid. As liquid evaporates, its surrounding temperature goes down just like how water sprayed over the body feels cold as it evaporates away. On typical airconditioners, haloalkane chemical refrigerants are used to cycle through a series of coils. The compressor which is powered by an electric motor is a major component in airconditioning system, it basically converts the cool gas in the system back into liquid. This process of conversion produces heat and at the same time triggers the evaporation of Freon into the long tube of coils in the system. A fan usually aids in blowing the temperature of the hot coils outdoors and another fan does the same for the cycling of room air. As the fan blows through the cooler coils, it replaces the warm air in the room into cold air.

Major air conditioning systems manufacturers

Carrier corp. - United Technologies (NYSE: UTX) UK
General electric (NYSE: GE) US
Fujitsu (TYO: 6702) Japan
LG corp (KRX: 003550) South Korea
Frigidaire - Electrolux (NASDAQ: ELUXF) Sweden
Sharp (TYO: 6753) Japan

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